1st General Assembly (17/10-19/10 2015)

We started the first meeting of the European Pupils Association in Vienna on Friday evening. After a welcoming speech we firstly let the participants introduce themselves and their organisations as well as their national school systems. After the ice-breaking and exchange of information we started with a brainstorming about relevant educational issues we could focus on in workshops.

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Annual Meeting 2016 in Bruxelles

  • EUPAS becomes the most representative pupils association in Europe, after reaching a half of million pupils in their member organisations
  • European educational standards at stake in the EUPAS agenda por 2016-2017
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European Pupils Congress 2015

Our first European Pupils Congress took place in the beautiful city of Berlin. More than 100 delegates from 15 countries came together to discuss on European educational politics. Besides several programmatic points we agreed that there must be certain educational standards introduced on the European level to make graduations fairer and degrees more comparable.

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2nd General Assembly (30/07-02/08 2015)

From the 30th of July until the 2nd of August EUPAS held their second general assembly in Vienna, Austria. At the general assembly Stefanie Torres (Austria, 21) was elected as the new Chairman, together with her board, consisting of six Vice-Chairmen and a General Secretary. Eleven countries where present at the general assembly. After a lot of debates all the members also adopted the new political statement of EUPAS, which focuses on European education standards, political education and pupil representation.

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Foundation (01/04 2014)

Dear European friends,

We have made it. Step by step we worked together to make our idea real – an independent voice for European pupils. Our Association will make it possible to meet people from all over Europe, to learn about other scholar systems and their issues. This network will give us great opportunities for working together and promote European values!

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