Europe 2020

Europe 2020 is a 10 year strategy worked out by the European Commission. It was proposed on 3 March 2010. Its main goal is to “create the conditions for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” and it is the replacement of the Lisbon Strategy, which was developed for the years 2000-2010.

The strategy is focused on five “headline targets” which cover employment, research & development, climate change and energy sustainability, education and fighting poverty as well as social exclusion. Additionally the targets are supported by seven “flagship initiatives”. These Initiatives provide a framework for mutual support to the EU and the member states for reaching the targets. To reflect the different situation and circumstances in the member states, the “main targets” are translated into national targets. For us especially the education targets are interesting. Those are the reduction of the early school leaving rates below 10 % and the rise of the rate of 30-34 year olds with completed third level education to at least 40 %. Another interesting aspect is the Flagship initiative called “Youth on the move”. It supports young people all around Europe and helps them to study abroad, gives money to learning programs and assists in finding a job in all European member states.

In our opinion the strategy might be supportable and sound good BUT it has to be toiled for without hesitation so that it can be realised. We appeal to the European Council and the European as well as the national parliaments to keep those goals in mind and do everything they can to reach those targets they have set themselves.


Philipp Dette

Philipp Dette,

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